Industrial / Commercial / Investment

Why Work With an Industrial, Commercial & Investment Realtor

An Industrial, Commercial & Investment (ICI) realtor’s job is much different from that of a Residential realtor. Generally, selling or leasing ICI properties takes a significantly longer time, and those realtors must provide substantial analytical data and financial information to their clients.


Tom graduated from Humber College in 1973 obtaining his Business and Administration Diploma.  This has benefited him in obtaining his Industrial, Commercial and Investment Brokers License and to deal with ICI properties.  After a successful career in Residential real estate Tom decided to obtain his Industrial, Commercial, and Investment Brokers License as many of his residential clients were also Buyers and Sellers of Industrial, Commercial and Investment properties.


The ICI realtor’s career requires a very specific combination of skills & education. The ability to work quickly with numbers and analyze data are essential.

Tom’s position is best suited to multitasking while enjoying working in a fast-paced environment.  Interpersonal skills, dedication to customer satisfaction and persuasiveness are all important attributes that he exhibits.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Tom’s Industrial, Commercial & Investment practices are typically more demanding.  ICI sales involve more parties and require far more information.  He must provide ICI buyers with market demographic studies, environmental research and significantly more financial analysis.  Additionally, ICI clients are concerned with area, local statistics and data involving the property’s location, as well as the demographics of nearby businesses and the area’s population. Most of his clients are businesses that depend on placing their firms where the immediate and nearby population suits the goods they sell or the services they provide.

Tom is part of ICI World of Industrial, Commercial, Investment and Residential Real Estate including; Land, Farms, Business Opportunities, Hotels, Motels, Office & Medical Buildings, Retail Shopping Centres, Apartment Buildings, Senior Lifestyle Properties, Recreational, Vacant Land, Financing & more for Canada and the World.  It is a world business community of buyers and sellers networking real estate Haves and Wants in Canada and for the world which may not be listed on MLS.  This provides Tom with an edge over his competitors by allowing him to be able to have more variety of Haves and Wants and it also allows him to deal directly with Sellers who do not have their properties listed on Commercial MLS.

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