Boy…it’s HOT, & Not Just Outside!

You don’t have to be a weather person to predict the weather this time of year.  We all know… it’s the hottest time of the year.  But, that’s not all that’s hot.  The economy is red hot too.  By all measures the best economy in 20 years or so. 

This is GOOD for most reading this, but there will be some exceptions.  There always are.  An example could be someone will sell a house and make out great, meaning a buyer pays a bit more than they would have not too long ago.  And in some areas, the opposite happens.  The seller does not make out that great, but the buyer does. 

Most homeowners who do NOT have to sell definitely know this and will hold back on buying or selling. 
That will in turn impact supply and demand. 
Results right now?

RED HOT Opportunities!